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Felling of timber
Removal of vegetation, trees
Edit riverbeds

We offer:

Professional removal, pruning, shortening, shaping trees and demolition of all sizes with or without removal of the affordable and rugged terrain.

Felling and pruning tall trees (trees) in tight places, near buildings, power lines and the like.
Harvesting is performed climbing techniques without the presence of heavy machinery.

Demolition of rotten trees and sloping


Cleaning abandoned spaces (stone grounds, shrubs).

Refuse negotiated.

Maintenance of local cemeteries


Maintenance includes cleaning of grass, dry grass and other vegetation on and around the cemetery throughout the year. More thorough cleaning is done before the church holidays, if necessary, will eliminate the observed defects and horticultural edit the endangered area of ​​the cemetery.

We provide quality service and continuously adapt to customer requirements ie markets. Our cost of services to our clients negotiate the scope and complexity of the subject transaction. If you want good service to pay the lowest possible price - then we are the right solution for you.

Our satisfied customers and a much-grain surfaces of branches, bushes and trees, as well as large areas of cleared square meters of space behind us.

All works have been calculated according to standard norms for the regulation and maintenance of green spaces, quantity - measure, and the unit price and the number of operations for a variety that is certain phases of work.

Proud of our relationship with our employees who are always well paid for that is regularly have their personal income as the true measure of that work tasks entrusted to them be quality-performed.

The price for certain demolition is not fixed, but is determined when the spy particular locale. The offer is possible on the basis of photographs.

EMERGENCY We offer fast and efficient removal of trees which is cracked, dropped, or create a hazard due to bad weather and the like.

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Крагујевац стан на продају или замена за Петровац на Млави

Kragujevac stan na prodaju ili zamena za Petrovac na Mlavi

Основа стана 1:50

Ул. Атинска 91/1А - Аеродром Сушица - КРАГУЈЕВАЦ

 Ходник, предпростор  3,54
 Дневна соба  14,07
 Радни део  4,40
 Кухиња  3,34
 Соба (трпезарија)  8,75
 Купатило  3,40
 Тераса  6,18
УКУПНО:  43,68

Стан је на I спрату, поседује подрум.
Може замена за Петровац на Млави
Контакт: +381 65 335 82 33

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